The Four Peaks Review

VOL 2, NO 1: JUNE 2012

Table of Contents


An Experimental Study of How Restaurant-Owners' Responses to Negative Reviews affect Readers' Intention to Visit PDF
David Evans, Jill Oviatt, Jordan Slaymaker, Conrado Tapado, Patrick Doherty, Amy Ball, Dacia Saenz, Elizabeth Wiley pp. 1-13
The State of Glo's Social Networks: A Multi-Network Analysis PDF
Ashley Ball, Lara Underhill, Derek Walker pp 14-35.
Facebook's 8 Fundamental Hooks and 6 Basic User Types: A Psychographic Segmentation PDF
David Evans, Nora Robertson, Tenille Lively, Linda Jacobson, Mariana Llamas-Cendon, Heidi Isaza, Sam Rosenbalm, John Voigt, Kevin Michael Martin pp. 36-54
Construction of an Analog Educational Game: Exploring Card Game Mechanics to Create an Astronomy Game for Fourth and Fifth Graders PDF
Alison Fiorito, Monique Priestley pp. 55-67
Curating the Social Graph, or What Your Friends Say About You PDF
Brook Ellingwood, Mary Janisch, Ian Porter, Kenneth Rufo, Inge Scheve, Daniel Thornton, John Yeager pp. 68-86
Audiences of Seattle Men's Chorus and Seattle Women's Chorus as Seen in Network Graphing PDF
Quan (Michelle) Li, Conrado Tapado pp. 87-103

ISSN: 2163-8209