North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization

Vol 4 (2013): Proceedings from North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization

Table of Contents


Toward a Taxonomy of Harm PDF
Melissa Adler, Joseph T. Tennis 1-19
A Comparison of Descriptive Tagging Practices by Library, Archive, and Museum Professionals using an Inter-Indexing Consistency Approach PDF
Christine Angel 20-29
International Comparative Domain Analysis in Knowledge Organization Research Topics in Four Countries - Brazil, South Korea, Spain and the United States PDF
Jihee Beak, Jeanette Glover, Daniel Martínez-Ávila, Suellen Oliveira Milani 30-39
The Social Role of Public Library Classifications PDF
Chloë Edwards 40-52
The Impossible Decision: Social Tagging and Derrida’s Deconstructed Hospitality PDF
Melodie Fox, Austin Reece 53-69
Logic and the Organization of Information: An Introduction PDF
Martin Frické 70-75
Transition in Education: Domain Analysis from the Encyclopedia of Milwaukee PDF
Ann M. Graf, Richard P. Smiraglia 76-87
Blog, news, ecommerce: Does genre matter for taggers? PDF
Lala Hajibayova 88-99
How are Cookbooks Classified in Libraries? An Examination of LCSH and LCC PDF
Gretchen L Hoffman 100-111
KO and classification instruction objectives: Are we keeping up with the transformation of our field? PDF
Michèle Hudon, Laure Amélie Guitard 112-121
The role of virtual boundaries in knowledge sharing and organization PDF
Elin K Jacob, Guo Zhang 122-130
Boundary Objects: CWA, an HR Firm, and Emergent Vocabulary PDF
Christine Marchese, Richard P. Smiraglia 131-137
The Author and the Person: A Foucauldian Reflection on the Author in Knowledge Organization Systems PDF
Heather Lea Moulaison, Felicity Dykas, John M. Budd 138-147
A Space of Transition: Rethinking Surrogates PDF
Hope A. Olson, Lynne C. Howarth 148-153
Contributions of Julius Otto Kaiser to the theoretical framework of Knowledge Organization: basis for the analytical-synthetic method PDF
Rodrigo de Sales, José Augusto Chaves Guimarães 154-162
Bibliographic Induction: How KO Systems Optimize Browsing by Supporting Library Users' Prior Knowledge PDF
Jonathan Schatz, Nadia Stennes-Spidahl, Samantha Mills, Aaron J. Loehrlein 163-173
Is FRBR a Domain? Domain Analysis Applied to the Literature of The FRBR Family of Conceptual Models PDF
Richard P. Smiraglia 174-185
Classifying for Diversity PDF
Rick Szostak 186-195
Collocative Integrity and Our Many Varied Subjects: What the Metric of Alignment between Classification Scheme and Indexer Tells Us About Langridge’s Theory of Indexing PDF
Joseph T. Tennis 196-203
Diplomatics as a methodological perspective for archival knowledge organization PDF
Natália Bolfarini Tognoli, José Augusto Chaves Guimarães, Joseph T Tennis 204-212
Genre Tag . . . Tag Genre PDF
Lei Zhang, Margaret E. I. Kipp, Hur-Li Lee 213-222

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