Uncle Sam's Attic. An Intimate Story of Alaska

Jessie Johnston Clegg


"With the insistent urge to shed true and illuminating light on every imaginable nook and cranny of the long-darkened 'Attic,' Mrs. Davis has her every page teeming with a veritable wealth of information… Alaska, the Great Bear's Cub portrays in a narrative, entertaining way the new Alaska, young but vigorous, wild but conquerable... Seppala, the Dog Musher of Alaska, kindly, modest, uniquely typical of the land of his adoption and universally famed for the diphtheria serum relay- all the credit attributed to Togo, the famous leader of that picked string from Seppala's kennels... Tundra. Romance and Adventure on Alaskan Trails, as a title is well chosen. Visualize a vast, cold, terrible, dead-white, frozen waste, powerful, unrelenting and irrevocable... So, the book: strong, palpitating, but vividly alive."

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