Building End-User Thesauri from Full-Text

James D. Anderson, Frederick A. Rowley


We are interested in the possible contribution of end-user thesauri to the improvement of information retrieval by end- users. Thesauri (from the Greek for treasure or treasury) in information retrieval attempt to record and display relations among concepts and terms -- to be treasuries of concepts and the terms that represent them. End-user thesauri are designed to guide and facilitate end-user searching of textual databases (both full-text databases and reference databases that contain only surrogates of full-texts, such as abstracts). End-user thesauri link: the vocabulary of the searcher and the vocabulary of the database, functioning as part of the user database interface. End-user thesauri are not designed to guide indexing, although they can be used to suggest terms, much like writers have used Roget's thesaurus for centuries.

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