The world of Pokemon: A dynamic ecological classification system.

Elin Jacob, Elizabeth Davenport, Uta Priss


The stimulus for this paper was the recent ISKO 2000 conference in Toronto where papers were presented on exotic classification systems (Olson 2000), ecological work-based classification schemes (Albrechtsen 2000; Pejtersen and Albrechtsen 2000) and self-organizing environments (Dron et al. 2000). The world of Pokermon combines all three ofthese approaches to understanding classification. Because the Pokemon trading game is heavily merchandised and widely played, it has generated a global cohort of young players who have been introduced to classificatory principles through their participation in the game. We propose that their understanding of classification should be explored further, as it may provide insight into the appropriation of mediated worlds in other modalities like the web.

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