Transition in Education: Domain Analysis from the Encyclopedia of Milwaukee

Ann M. Graf, Richard P. Smiraglia


Encyclopedism and its products, encyclopedias are an important form of knowledge organization system. Encyclopedias are deliberate cultural syntheses. Local online encyclopedias represent an emerging trend in the development of KOSs. The Encyclopedia of Milwaukee is one of the most recent additions to this trend. An interesting problem for research is how to visualize the domain of an evolving online encyclopedia. In this study, the base bibliography for one disciplinary cluster—education—is submitted to bibliometric domain analytical techniques. While parameters of a typical domain emerge, other atypical results also emerge, raising questions about the differences represented in encyclopedia domains as well as questions about the historical evolution of scholarship. Nonetheless, transitions in the evolution of the domain of education in Milwaukee, including increased author productivity and enhanced granularity, as well as local cultural distinction, clearly emerge.

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