Contributions of Julius Otto Kaiser to the theoretical framework of Knowledge Organization: basis for the analytical-synthetic method

Rodrigo de Sales, José Augusto Chaves Guimarães


In order to highlight the contributions of Kaiser´s systematic indexing to the theoretical and methodological landscape of Knowledge Organization, this study presents Kaiser as a pioneer of the analytical-synthetic method and, as a consequence, as a starting point of Ranganathan´s faceted theory. In this sense, Kaiser´s indexing principles are analyzed in relation to his oeuvres as well as his theoretical convergences with Otlet, Ranganathan, Hulme and Cutter. The methodological approach is based on William James´ pragmatism which combines the observation of Kaiser´s oeuvres and the identification of his methodological procedures options and propositions that allow us to confirm Kaiser as the pioneer of the analytical-synthetic method in LIS.

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