Authorship Metadata for Video Games: "Collaborator", "Creator", or "Auteur"?


  • Hyerim Cho University of Missouri iSchool
  • Heather Moulaison-Sandy University of Missouri iSchool
  • Chris Hubbles Independent Researcher



Author information is the one of the primary access points for information users to find relevant items. While this information is straightforward in most cases, it is not easy to identify and conceptualize who the “author” or “creator” is for collaborative creative works, such as video games. In this exploratory study, we review and compare current practices of authorship representations in knowledge organization systems, focusing on video games as a case study. We find that a video game publisher’s name is often used in the author/contributor fields in library records. As we discuss how video game creators’ information should be recorded in knowledge organization systems, we also explore the applicability of the auteur theory from film studies to solve the collaborative authorship representation problems in video games.