DARSI: An Ontology for Facilitating the Development of Data Sharing and Use Agreements


  • Micaela Greene Drexel University
  • Sam Grabus Drexel University
  • Jane Greenberg Drexel University




The advantages of data sharing across organizations and disciplines are indisputable; although, sensitive and restricted data cannot be easily shared due to policies and legal matters. The research presented in this paper takes a step toward systematizing the sharing of sensitive and restricted research data by developing an ontology to frame and guide DSUA (Data Sharing and Usage Agreement) development. The paper provides background context, describes the ontology creation process, and introduces the Data Sharing Agreements for Restricted and Sensitive Information (DARSI) ontology. DARSI contains four top level classes, 20 sub-classes, 33 sub-categories and 17 simple properties for categories applicable at various levels. The discussion provides further insight into the work accomplished, and the conclusion identifies next steps.