Hashtag and visual analysis of the graffiti art response to Covid-19 on Instagram


  • Ann M. Graf Simmons University




The Covid-19 pandemic fostered a flurry of activity from various quarters, including the artistic response of the graffiti art community. Numerous works of graffiti art are documented daily on the image sharing platform Instagram, making it an obvious choice for examination of graffiti art images relating to the pandemic and the hashtags associated with the works. Using manual gathering of data from Instagram, a series of visual themes became apparent. Hashtags were also examined for comparison to the visual themes and to confirm the use of compound tagging to express complex subjects within the limitations of the platform. This preliminary work demonstrates the possibility of manual data collection from Instagram, but also raises a number of other questions that could not be addressed in a short report. The research is a first step in the effort to support previous research on facets for graffiti art description from other platforms curated by the graffiti art community outside Instagram.