Innovations in Improving Mathematics Instruction: One School's Story of Implementing Job-Embedded School-wide Professional Development

Allison Hintz


This article describes a job-embedded school-wide professional development model currently being implemented at a high-needs elementary school in Washington State. Through the voices of various participants, including the building principal, math coaches, teachers, and university researchers/facilitators, we tell the story of our collaboration and our collective learning about mathematics teaching. Main features of the model are presented, including the development of a school-wide vision through principles and practices of high quality mathematics teaching and opportunities for collective professional learning, through "math labs" and "participatory coaching". We focus on two salient themes: studying instructional goals and making our practice public. The article concludes with a brief description of the promising results we are finding, including a  school culture that is focused on empowering teacher and student learning as well as significant and steady gains on student mathematics assessments.


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