An Object-Oriented Approach to Classification


  • Amedeo Napoli
  • Roland Ducournau
  • Claude Laurenco



We present in this paper two possible semantics for the subsumption relation. On the one hand, the subsumption relation is equivalent to the inheritance relation between concepts. On the other hand, we define a subsumption relation that links concepts with other concepts, or with individual instances, based on matching components between the linked entities. According to the first of this dual view, we have developed a subsumption operation used for checking the consistency of inheritance graphs. According to the second, a different subsumption operation is used for enhancing the information retrieval and the problem-solving capabilities of a knowledge-based system. Next we characterize object oriented languages in general, followed by the particular language we use, which integrates frame-based and class-based features. We then present two classification-based algorithms, corresponding to each use of the subsumption relation, and discuss the way these are implemented using an object-oriented approach. We end the paper by describing our particular problem-solving application in the domain of organic chemistry.