Mapping Sentences and Classification Schedules As Methods of Displaying Facets

Clare Beghtol


Two separate streams of facet research emerged during the 1930s and 1940s. In India, S.R. Ranganathan developed facet theory in the context of his work on bibliographic classification systems, and in Israel L. Guttman developed facet theory in the context of the behavioural sciences. Ranganathan and Guttman used the term "facet" and its associated terms (e.g., "facet analysis") with identical meanings and each researcher developed analytico-synthetic methods appropriate for his own field. The paper describes the method each field developed for displaying facet structures, and the two methods are compared. The paper suggests that facet analysis in general and mapping sentences in particular have properties that can be usefully exploited in the development of all types of classification systems, including but not limited to, bibliographic classification systems.

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