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Vol 43 (2019)

Late Pleistocene Ban Non Wat: Burial 630 with the infant bones covered in concretions (above) and complete skeleton of a deer (below). Photographs by C.F.W. Higham.


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Vol 42 (2018)

View to the Northeast at Site 1, Plain of Jars, Lao PDR (Photo: K. Hanus).


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Vol 41 (2017)

Juvenile burial at Man Bac (MB07H2M8: 18 months +/-5 months old) with Unionidae in both hands (Photo: Tilley 2007)


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Vol 40 (2016)

Ground-penetrating radar survey underway at Ban Non Wat, Thailand, June 2011. Image: Nigel Chang


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Vol 39 (2015): 2015 issue

Allocation of rice. Eastern part of Outer South Gallery of Bayon.
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Vol 35 (2015): Special Issue: Papers from the conference Recent Advances in the Archaeology of East and Southeast Asia

Conference participants from left: (top row) Ben Marwick, Peter Lape, James Stoltman, Trinh Hoang Hiep; (second row) Francis Allard, Bui Van Liem, Qinglin Li, Zhichun Jing; (third row) Nam C. Kim, J. Mark Kenoyer, Miriam Stark, Mitch Hendrickson, Alice Yao, Lisa Niziolek; (fourth row) Alison Carter, Hyung Il Pai, Li Liu, Junko Habu, Laura Junker, and James Burton.


Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology 34 (2014)

Vol 34 (2014)

Part of an Iron Age town with a lane at Non Ban Jak (Northeast Thailand), residences and a ritual chamber containing three burials and pottery vessels placed in each corner.

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